To make a great software you need team with skills, talent, attention to detail and determination. To make a great business partner that team needs to be honest and reliable.

We are that team. We live and work in Zagreb, Croatia. Our clients live and work all over the world. Our mobile solutions are used by more than 10 million people worldwide.

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Research & Plan

Foundation of any successful project is being on the same page: we will talk and ask questions until we're 100% sure what is your goal, who is your target group and what do you want to achieve. We will research the market to find out best practices and we will do our best to improve them. Your goals and your users will guide us each step of the way while we carefully plan how your product will behave and how it will look like in the end.


Prototype & Wireframe

Once we understand which direction we are going in, we start wireframing. Wireframing phase is the right time to explore a few different paths and experiment with the flow. Wrong steps are cheap at this point, so it's the right time to make them. Once we test and try different iterations of wireframes we will deliver the first prototype and that will give you a clear idea of how the end product will behave like.


User Interface Design

UI design phase comes next: it's time for colors, fonts, animations and shapes. This is the sweet part where all the design talent shines. Besides being experienced in creating digital products, our design team has art & graphical design background to make sure we deliver esthetically harmonious and pleasing products. At the end of this phase, you will know exactly how your product will look like.

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Mobile Development

Before the development starts you will receive 19 pages of Cinnamon's own Development Process Guidelines. Technology-wise, we are building native mobile applications. Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android. We are engineers and we love things that are reliable and outcomes that are fully predictable. That is why we do native: it’s fast, it’s powerful and it’s reliable. Best in business mobile apps are always native, and so are ours.


Frontend Development

We are delivering fully-featured web apps and web pages. When starting from scratch we prefer either Angular2+ or React frameworks. This helps us deliver fast, light and reliable web products that look good and behave even better. Our core specialty have became dashboards revolving around data visualization and Saas products heavy on features. When designing and building front end, we have usability and user engagement as priorities.


Backend Development

Databases, APIs and admin dashboards are cornerstones of any complex software product. When building backends we make sure to build stable products, simple to scale and easy to maintain. Our preferred technology is Node.js which enables our customers to have all web development covered under the same umbrella: JavaScript. We prefer to deploy our digital products on AWS services, but we are adapted to other solutions also.


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