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Stake Something:
End procrastination

Stake Something challenges users to risk their own money by either fulfilling their goals and keeping their stakes, or transferring that money to a charity if they fail. Cinnamon constructed an intuitive flow accompanied by playful and inviting illustrations.

product design

mobile development

web development

quality assurance


Everyday life is governed by little routines and small ways of doing things. Some of them can have harmful effects on you. Why not take control and give yourself a sense of accomplishment? With the StakeSomething app, you can set your goals, stake the money which you keep if you triumph, or transfer the cash to your favorite charity organization if you forfeit. In this game, you win, or the charity wins.

Scope of work

project planning
UX Design
UI Design
visual design
interaction design
Flutter Development
bloc architecture
Frontend Development
Backend Development

Not another habit tracker app

Due to the addition of the concept of staking your own money, where funds are redirected to your desired charity if you don’t succeed, the app doesn’t behave like a standard habit tracker. We had to emphasize transparency and security in the entire process. Design-wise, the objective was to craft an engaging app that would motivate users to carry out their goals.


Putting a stop
to procrastination

Scientific groundwork as a path to success

After our initial research, which took cues from a new branch of psychology – behavioral economics, we formed the user flow which provides an insight into the app’s overall hierarchy. The idea was to keep things simple, logical, and functional.

LO-FI wireframes.png

A dashboard that keeps track of both groups of users

Another benefit for the administrator is the dashboard, where they can track both groups of users: coaches and stakers. The dashboard enables the admin to gain an insight into the users’ income, kept promises, active users, and much more. With the help of the dashboard, admins can review the coach applicants. Upon the coach’s acceptance, they can access the dashboard and track the progress of users. The dashboard allows admins and coaches to download reports and track everyone's progress.


The basic blueprint of
the product

Low fidelity wireframes were the symbiosis of the research results, user flows, defining the features, and placing them into the product. The outcome of this approach is an effortless user experience based on strong principles which put the users on the right track.


platform for all ages


Handling the
app with ease

The user interface is adjusted to handle the process with ease, appealing to both younger and older users. Although the risk of losing money is used as an incentive in achieving the user’s goals, thanks to playful illustrations and engaging colors, we managed to keep things bright and playful.


The honor system as the main principle of the app

How does the app know you’re not cheating? It doesn’t. The jump-off idea of hacking your own behavior is honesty. If you report that you haven’t kept your promise or failed to report it, the amount staked will be deducted from your card. If you feel like quitting or cheating, add a buddy or receive inspirational notifications to help keep you going.


Coaches and health professionals at your disposal

You are not alone. Activating the coach hiring feature can have an amazing impact on your goals, productivity, and regaining your money. Cinnamon created a dashboard that enables coaches to help you with procrastination, the training you need, and to track your progress.


Features and benefits on a single page

The landing page is built with one objective in mind: to introduce the app to potential users and partners. This page is a follow-up to the benefits and features of the app. Moreover, the visitors are given the option to contact the founders directly, which increases the feeling of reliability and trustworthiness.


Graphics that have a
place within the brand

The illustrations and icons were specifically chosen to blend into the product, its target audience and to match the brand’s identity. Not just decorative, but also playful and inviting, the graphics help convey the app’s essential message.


Flutter as the best choice to make the app work

Once again, Flutter proved to be an excellent framework for cross-platform development. The behavior of certain features, such as scheduling user reports, timezone handling, and in-app payments, were difficult to predict. In mutual accordance with the Stake Something project team, all blockers were resolved and the app was brought to the final visage.




High integrity people.
Diligent. First rate.

I highly recommend these guys. Excellent work, responsive, easy to deal with. High integrity people. Diligent. First rate.

Bret Treasure,

Co-founder, Stake Something

Looking toward the future of well-being

Although Cinnamon has the opportunity to work in various industries, StakeSomething was the first of its kind for us. We are particularly proud of the effort that was taken to design the iOS app, Android app, Landing page, Dashboard and to develop all these systems.

In the long run, we at Cinnamon hope that this free-to-download app will banish the impulse to procrastinate, and help people gain control over it. This product might just be a new model to make its users think about their future selves, personal growth, and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

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