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5 crucial lessons for newly funded startups: How to do it right the first time.

You’ve got funding! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 Statistically, 25% of venture-backed startups succeed in the long run. And what do CEOs of these startups have in common? The Internet is full of interviews with successful people, so we have done a meta-analysis of our own and created a list of advice that different CEOs agree on. Dive in.


Discovery workshop for fixed budget projects

The discovery workshop will help you realize the full potential of your product, set against a real-life environment while uncovering potential challenges you will have to overcome in the product development phase.


The Good, The Bad and The Neomorphism

The Good, The Bad and The Neomorphism


Jetpack Compose – Text and Button

Exploring Text and Button components from Jetpack Compose


Dark patterns 101

Dark patterns 101


Introduction to Flutter

Introduction to Flutter


Why Are We in Love with the Color Blue

Why are so many of us in love with a single color – the color blue?


Getting started with Jetpack Compose

Introduction to the new Android UI toolkit Jetpack Compose


Cinnamon Agency Recognized as a Top Creative and Design..

Cinnamon Agency Recognized as a Top Creative and Design Agency in Croatia by Clutch!

kotlin vs java

Kotlin advantages over Java

Key differences between Java and Kotlin. Which one is better for Android development?

artificial brain

Artificial neural networks

Technical introduction to artificial neural networks. Then we go right to the life-important question: will it kill us?

illustration ux writing

Watch your language with UX writing

A simple guide to managing microcopy in digital interfaces

click if you dare header

Ghost buttons & skeleton screens

Maybe you heard about these terms, maybe you have seen them in action but you did not pay attention, or you just ignored their presence because you were scared? Read this article and get rid of that chilly feeling.

charts illustration

Angular 2+ with ngx-charts

Ngx-charts is a declarative charting framework for Angular2 and beyond

ios messages

iOS Messages extensions

Introduced in June 5, 2017 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 11 is the next-generation version of iOS. It brings subtle design changes, for example the text is bolder, some apps have

cinnamon work desk

Cinnamon’s Bussines and Health Benefits

Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice that has been prized for its properties for thousands of years. Our mobile development agency is not that old but it’s highly capable developing slick mobile apps ...

design conferencdes screen

5 reasons to attend Design Conferences

Our team recently visited one of the biggest UX oriented conferences in this part of the world – Amuse Conference in Budapest. This trip inspired us to make a list of 5 reasons to attend UX de-sign conferences…

chip illustration

Internet of (Android) Things

Evolution of internet gave as opportunity to reach almost any person on the planet and for a long period of time many companies focused on developing software solutions as a way of trying to …

google developer days design

Mobile first to AI first

A year ago, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced what he believes will be the main course of the computing industry in the years to come. The focus will switch from mobile devices which are dominant …

apple hardware

Native vs. Hybrid

Native apps are built specifically for each platform, using native language: Java for Android and now days Swift for iOS. Because of that they have the ability to use device-specific hardware and software …

workplace illustration


Laravel, Django, AngularJS, Bootstrap… The list goes on. We all hear about this and that framework. And it feels like there is a new framework in town every year. When in fact there is a new framework in town …

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