“HI guys, we need an app that does Bluetooth energy meters readouts. It will be used in 1/3 of Switzerland market, by professionals who are used to solutions that work fast and efficiently. It has to communicate through 17 different protocols. It must be 100% reliable and never crash. Can you do this?"

UNIMOD Collect is a digital solution for performing readouts on energy consumption meters. It covers 1/3 of Swiss market.
That is 2 200 000 energy consumption meters.

App utilizes Bluetooth to communicate with Smart Energy Meters. It uses DLMS and IEC protocols to do the readouts. It supports Maps, Geolocation, Server Sync, Offline maps, taking photos from camera etc.

Additional challenge is robustness and reliability of the app in all conditions. App itself is used by trained professionals who are doing hundreds of readouts a day. Just a small glitch and whole day of work could be lost. And that’s what we’re proud of: this is extremely versatile and complex app, that is reliable 24/7.


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