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Node.js Backend Developer

Our backend team loves Node.js because it’s so simple and efficient. Join us if you too are an avid Node.js developer looking to broaden your experience.

what we expect icon

we expect

  • Min. 1 year of professional development experience with Node.js.
  • Experience with/knowledge of Express.js or/and Nest.js.
  • Experience with/knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Knowledge of relational and document-based databases (PostgreSQL/MySQL and MongoDB).
  • Experience with/knowledge of RESTfull APIs and API communication.
  • Experience with/knowledge of server administration and integrations with other systems.
  • Experience with/knowledge of Database Schema creation.
  • Experience with/knowledge of monolith and serverless architectures (preferred). 
  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming.
  • Meticulous attention to detail regardless of whether it’s your own work or reviewing someone else’s work.
  • Error handling skills.
  • Very good written and spoken English.
what you will do icon

you’ll do

  • Use regularly Express.js and/or Nest.js. We are using Express.js/Nest.js as the basis for Node projects, but it depends on a project - our developers play an important role in deciding which technology will be used on the projects. 
  • Do Joi Input validation to make sure that all the incoming data, interacting with our applications are as correct as possible.
  • Write raw MySQL queries which will give us enough flexibility when it comes to storing and using data.
  • Use Swagger UI - our backend projects come with full Swagger documentation of all the endpoints.
  • Use Firebase to handle cloud notifications and/or user authentication and to provide real-time data for projects that require such functionality.
  • Use AWS to deploy and run our backend and the database service (we mainly use S3, EC2 instances for running the Node.js app, and RDS for databases).
  • Use - it is our go-to choice when there is a need for real-time and/or two-way communication between the client and the server, outside of REST.
  • Last but not least, ask important questions, speak candidly, and try to move the needle on your projects every single day. ;)
what we offer icon

we offer

  • Competitive salary and bonus for hosting presentations, participating in meetups and blogging, successful recommendations for our open vacancies, etc.
  • Constant progress and improvement with the help of the management.
  • Access to a free and confidential workplace counseling service with our in-house psychologist regarding your personal and professional development. 
  • Paid conference attending, online courses, workshops, and knowledge sharing.
  • Flexible working hours (workday starts between 7 am and 10 am, as per your preferences).
  • Extra vacation days after the first year of employment.
  • Benefits for parents: for your newborn, you get a gift and a bonus. You also get 1 additional vacation day per child. New fathers at Cinnamon get extra days off to spend more time with their newborns.
  • FitPass card (Cinnamon covers 50% of the cost).
  • Virtual and live after-work activities and gatherings and rooftop BBQ parties.
  • Team building such as rafting, hiking, bowling, etc.
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you’ll love

The people icon
The people

Cinnamon workplace culture is all about passion, friendliness and having fun! Hence the low staff turnover rate when comparing with similar companies.

The pay icon
The pay

Even though you get nicely compensated, there is a bonus treat for blogging, hosting presentations, participating in meetups and an additional bonus for extra achievements.

The projects icon
The projects

We work on projects big and small, but with one thing in common: our clients are cutting-edge companies bringing advanced and innovative solutions to the market. You will not be bored.

The remote work icon
Remote work

Do you feel most productive working from home? Or you like to be surrounded by your colleagues and enjoy the office vibe? You can have both. Create your own perfect home/office balance.

The growth icon
The growth

As part of knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement, our employees benefit from mentorship programs, internal workshops and the freedom to attend conferences of their choice.

The fun icon
The fun

We’re big on team-building activities like rafting, hiking and bowling and we encourage you to take time out for yourself too – you’ll get an extra 2 days of vacation after your first year at the company.

The offices icon
The offices

Besides the spacious offices, the most popular spots are the Chill room filled with board games, PlayStation and table tennis, and our rooftop terrace, where you can work during the day and enjoy BBQs at night.

The same icon
The shape

We care not only about your bounty, but also stimulate you to stay in good shape by co-financing the MultiSport card. Also, you are entitled to paid supplementary health insurance.

Work and tools

Putty/ Terminal
GIT Kraken
GIT Kraken

Tech stack

Express.js - Javascript / Typescript
Database - MySql / MongoDB
Database - MySql / MongoDB
AWS - Debian based Linux
Api Documentation
API Documentation

Meet the team

Our phenomenal web team develops component-based, web-oriented apps, and pixel-perfect designs. We create non-repetitive, easily maintainable code while bringing in the latest tech and methodology. JavaScript is used on both the frontend and the backend while excelling in React-oriented frontends.

Web team


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