Mladen Š.  July 06, 2017

What’s what?

Laravel, Django, AngularJS, Bootstrap… The list goes on. We all hear about this and that framework. And it feels like there is a new framework in town every year. When in fact there is a new framework in town every month 🙂

By Wikipedia definition, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software. A software framework provides a standard way to build and deploy applications.

Industry leaders?

Frameworks come and go. They are routinely created and brought to market and equally routinely they disappear into oblivion. Building software on that new and super-simple framework is always a risky business. However, industry standards like ASP.NET, Apache, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Symfony are considered to be safe bet.

What’s the right choice for you?

Unless you’re not looking to build software with extremely specific set of requirements, using certain framework is the right choice for you. When choosing a framework take into account specific usability of the framework, but also the size of community and market share, as these are pretty good indicators of the frameworks’ future significance.

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