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Cinnamon Joins the Top 7% Verified Members at Pangea

Evelyn G.




Cinnamon has passed an audit-based verification process to become a verified member of the Pangea Community of the world's top B2B software engineering firms.

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Cinnamon's business is expanding exponentially and reaching new horizons. Going through the Pangea verification process seemed like a natural 'next step.' Being a part of the Pangea community provides us a sense of belonging, increasing our company's legitimacy, and decreasing client uncertainty.

A Pangea verification indicates that the organization completed a thorough examination of its structures, strategy, team health, project metrics, and client satisfaction.

Cinnamon not only provided the necessary information but also conducted a series of internal surveys that clarified the company's state. Simultaneously, our clients were asked to provide feedback on working with us, project management, quality assurance, and corporate maturity.

We passed the verification process, as you already know! 

We were ecstatic to find that our efforts had yielded excellent results. Also, the entire process revealed some needed structural upgrades, so this was the push we needed to take that one step further and continue offering the level of service that we strive for.

Pangea conducted an anonymous survey of our team members to assess our overall wellness, and we received an outstanding 9.1/10. (Pangea's average team health score is 8.2/10). This demonstrates that we have a healthy team, and we intend to maintain that!

Personal growth received the highest score of 9.3, indicating that stepping outside of our comfort zone and continuing to challenge team members has enabled us to achieve greater heights. However, we will continue to improve rapports across the organization and between offices in order to ensure that every team member is satisfied. We have also implemented an anonymous survey in which each employee can ask any question and receive honest feedback.

At the same time, 21 of our clients were asked to share their thoughts on working with us. Pangea evaluated the customer journey, project management, quality assurance, and corporate maturity. Our client satisfaction rating was a perfect 9.2 out of 10. (For comparison, the Pangaea community's average client score is 8.6).

Our clients gave us an even higher rating, demonstrating that we are working with the correct group of professionals. We aim for excellence and that was shown in quality assurance, our highest score, in which we received 9.7, proving Cinnamon's commitment to providing excellent service.

The validation process of Pangea significantly sped up the ongoing process of improving project management and technical documentation for each stage of a given project. As a result, we have been able to work more efficiently and effectively. We are better organized now than we have ever been, which is especially important for a rapidly growing company like Cinnamon.

“Pangea’s onboarding process is surprisingly detailed and thorough. However, you can see they put a lot of thought into it and you always know what your next step is. This process helped us to determine our strong points and our weak points, and it's always great to get that opinion from an independent source, so you know exactly what to focus on in order to create an organization that's equally capable all across the board.” (Mladen Šimić, Managing Partner)

Our validation process provided us with insight into the things we are doing right and where there was still room for improvement.We will use the data found to better serve our clients and grow within the Pangea community. We passed the test, and our business is now ready to grow.

We proved our quality, and we’re ready to take on the world!

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