5 reasons to attend Design Conferences

Karlo M. & Amela M.  November 07, 2017

Our team recently visited one of the biggest UX oriented conferences in this part of the world – Amuse Conference in Budapest. This trip inspired us to make a list of 5 reasons to attend UX design conferences through our impressions and experiences.

1. Inspiration

UX Design Conferences are the best opportunity to get your creative juices and inspiration flowing. The variety of topics and speakers help us gather new informations from different perspectives, triggering our creative energy and open-mindedness, prompts us to reach the user’s best interests in the following UX challenges. The result is inspiration to be more creative with UX problem solving and motivation to be better on the UX design field.

2. UX from different perspectives

Most UX conferences cover different topics and approaches to UX from different perspectives. The variety of themes is the best way of learning how to approach each new project and user from different perspectives. Although, at first, we may not be interested in some of the topics at the conference, most of the time it happens that these topics are the most useful and interesting. They encourage us to get out of our comfort zone to be even better in what we do.

3. Networking

Most of the high quality UX designers are also great humanists. So, it is expected that networking is one of the best ways to get to know the “magic behind the human mind” and to meet new people who deal with the same job as we do and face similar UX problems as we do. Also, this is the best opportunity to talk with people about interesting UX topics and blogs.

4. Learning opportunities and current trends

Learning about the most relevant and innovative Tips & Tactics in the UX design world. The conferences cover the latest UX topics and they are the best opportunities to find out firsthand what’s new in the UX world. Most blogs write about trends, compared to conferences where we can hear a lot of news related to the UX future. Conferences are the best way to absorb knowledge from the experts, to learn the new things through the workshops where we can repeat and determine existing knowledge, but also learn something new. Working in a different environment, with people we do not know will make us better designers because we are in a situation where we have to deal with the unknown environment. Then our advantages and disadvantages come to the fore and this is the perfect opportunity to practice social skills.

5. Have fun

Speaks for itself. It’s simple. While you are learning new things and meeting new people don’t forget to smile and enjoy. This is also a good opportunity to get to know the new city, learn new words, try out the local cuisine and of course use your GPS skills. Sometimes the new environment is the best inspiration for new ideas. So, go ahead and have fun! 🙂

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