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Clear Common: Building
control managing app

Clear Common manages urgent repairs within the building. Cinnamon refined the interaction system between householders, tenants, and contractors. The app unifies the entire system: maintenance, issue reports, reparations, and payment process.

product design


The objective of the Clear Common dashboard is to be used by admins and super admins. Admins represent housekeepers who take care of buildings or houses all over the country. Super admins are clients who can monitor admins across the platform. The tenants, as the third role in this hierarchy, can initiate tasks to the admin via the app.

Scope of work

UX Design
UI Design

Significant improvements for a better experience

The main challenge was to carry out better overall functionality without starting from scratch. Cinnamon was entrusted to make small improvements and visually restyle the whole platform. Having that in mind, we set up a goal to completely improve the readability of the entire dashboard, achieving better hierarchy with typography, while giving it a touch of uniqueness through colors and simple illustrations.


The building
blocks of a
better design

A touch of playfulness

Simple illustrations break the monotony of dashboards and long tabular lists.

Interactive graph displays

Interactive graphs for a better overview of the building's status and total earnings.

High level of readability

An easy on the eyes typeface is combined with a soft color palette for better readability.

Adapting to smaller screens

Users can reach relevant information even on mobile screens of all sizes.

Overview of the
entire building

The client provided plenty of data about the users and their key needs. From a housekeeper's point of view, the main focus for the admin is to have an overview of the building's status and other relevant information for making urgent tasks more manageable.

placeholderoverview-of-the-entire-building-desktop (1).png

Managing more than one building

Operating multiple buildings isn't an easy task. Having one dashboard overview for all of them makes things more pragmatic and attainable. Common dashboard, as we call it, allows the housekeeper to reach all the important news regarding the building that’s being maintained. This is the place where each notification and urgent task have to be visible at a glance. Our solution focused on improving the UX of switching between dashboards and individual buildings, making it far more intuitive and flexible.

placeholdermanaging-more-than-one-building-desktop (1).png

for a better UX

As the project progressed, we had a better grasp on the client's vision, the business strategy, and the features they aspired to implement. As a standard view of many dashboards, Clear Common is made up of heavy data, long lists, graphs, and tables. Our job was to declutter the existing design, reorganize the layout and make the entire process as smooth as possible. Simple illustrations and cheerful colors far and wide made the pages slightly less monotonous.

placeholderlayout-organization-desktop (1).png

Design adapted for mobile screens

We ensured the Clear Common experience is available on mobile phones as well. It had to be not only beautiful, but also work seamlessly. We focused on following a predefined logic of flows, while reducing and restructuring things only when needed.

placeholderdesign-adoped-for-mobile-screens-desktop (1).png



Insights and what we’ve learned

A good approach for every design process is to build it detail by detail, step by step, making each element feel and look good. While assisting on this particular project, we kept that in mind, paid attention to every little piece, achieving big improvements via small changes.

We at Cinnamon are happy to have successfully finalized one more dashboard project, as this is our core calling. Now these buildings will have a beautifully designed management tool that increases efficiency, improves results, achieves goals, and syncs on all levels.

Managing these operations may be difficult and sometimes overwhelming, but with the ClearCommon solution, all building related day-to-day activities can make a huge difference.

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